Chopin Etude Op.25 No.11 ‘Winter Wind’ Tutorial (part 1) Paul Barton, piano

An introduction to Chopin’s Etude ‘Winter Wind’ for all ages and levels of piano experience with practice tips and suggestions. (Part 2 to follow) tutorials linked from video: Op.10 No.1 www.youtube.com Op.10 No.2 www.youtube.com Op.25 No.6 www.youtube.com * * * * * * * * * * Mikuli Etudes PDF in public domain (free) Op.10 imslp.org Op.25 imslp.org
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  1. ancientsolar says:

    Thankyou!!!! LOVE this video!!!! youve turned an LRSM piece into a grade 7 standard!!
    I could always see a pattern I just didnt understand what it was, this video can help me understand other pieces in a similar? way!

  2. bio1229 says:

    Nice video! I am 15 years old, learning this piece and can play the first 15? bars in tempo now^^ thank you

  3. musicisthelife97 says:

    Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both? together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love that is the soul of genius-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    This man is a genius

  4. tinyctlo says:

    You are amazing Paul. Making it so fun. Not only are you a really good player, you are a great? teacher. Luv your positive attitude.

  5. 123PianoKeys says:

    i want to ask if i want to learn this i should learn the etudes op.10 no 1 and 2 and op.25 no 6 before ??? thats impossible :P

  6. brenconno1 says:

    Thank you for another well-presented, fun? and extremely helpful video! Best regards from Istanbul.

  7. XDMrChoi says:

    Can you please make? a part 2 video?
    Thanks :)

  8. gillesding says:

    I like your video’s, I like how you talk about the music, how we have to see it as french fries and a potato. Keep? going!

  9. wilecuyote says:

    excellent! your technique is superb and your practice methods make perfect sense. my old piano teacher Nellie Whittaker (student of Guy Maier) used the term? “shape playing”.

  10. BigIdeaTech says:

    You are one of those under watched? YouTube video makers. :) You deserve to have allot more viewers because you can play wonderfully and you are a great teacher. On top of that you make very good quality videos.

  11. XDMrChoi says:

    T-T i want to play all? the 24 etudes….

  12. enzogrella1 says:


  13. JairCrawford says:

    DUDE! Where was this video 6 years ago when I attempted this piece?!? :O I tried learning it note by note and? it took me FOREVER, AN AGE, AND AN ETERNITY to learn all those notes. LOL This breakdown makes it SO much simpler. XD Seriously, great vid!

  14. JairCrawford says:

    I totally understand. I don’t buy the whole “You are? too young to play this with the required maturity” argument. And even if it’s true, that doesn’t mean that it’s a waste of time to learn it young. The only thing I would caution about is if your teacher feels like you could injure yourself from attempting it without building up some technique first. Other than that, I’d say go for it. Challenge yourself. Challenge is good. lol

  15. thfkajsl says:

    I felt the same way too about asking my teacher. Whenever I beg her to let me play hard pieces, such as chopin sonatas, she gets mad at me! So I ended up studying this piece all by myself. Thank You for the tutorial! By the way, is it a good idea to not crossing down with 5 in the arppegios? I? changed it to 4 but after watching this I don’t know if i should use 4 instead of 5.

  16. kuhkeezy says:

    You are such? a GREAT teacher! Thank you!

  17. marcelochiarella says:

    Great tutorial. Which equipmente have you used for capturing the? sound? It’s really great!!!

  18. gorp2647 says:

    Mr. Barton:

    Thanks for the wonderful introduction to Winter Wind you provided in Part 1. Perhaps you could post one or two sections of Part 2 at at time thereby making it somewhat easier on your? recovery from the flooding and the construction of your grand piano studio.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.



  19. strawberrishpink says:

    Very amazing? tutorial indeed, you make a very good and excellent teacher. Remarkable!!

  20. watisapotato says:

    how terrible! We’ll all be? patiently waiting.

  21. PaulBartonPiano says:

    – sorry for the delay; since this video I’ve been making a new recording studio for a grand piano and as soon as it was finished our house was flooded (we live in Bangkok). We are rebuilding the room again and hope to catch up soon. Again, apologies for the unexpected? delay.

  22. watisapotato says:

    please can you? do the detailed video you promised! i’ve been waiting for ages.

  23. 247Northwest says:

    I learned an amazing amount about music just by watching this video. ?

  24. erkaoogii says:

    i liked? this you are so amazing

  25. sallumsallum2 says:

    I’ve just come across you and you do seem to be a really good teacher, and seeing as I can’t read sheet music this is really helpful. But this piece does? seem a bit advanced to me, but I would to try it some time in the future. For now I’ll have a look at your other videos I’m sure I can find something to learn!

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