Episode 52

Vikram remembers how the girl he loved refused to marry him because of his short height. Vikram says that he began to work as a Joker and made people laugh while he wept from within. He also says that when he could not bear the humiliation anymore, he committed suicide by hanging himself. Vikram says that he did not die because he had a strong desire to earn respect. The desire kept him alive even after death. He decided to do something by which the future generations would not look at people like him with disrespect, and the easiest target for this would be children whose mind is innocent. Vikram’s mother asks him what wrong had the Lucky Seven done to him. Vikram says that he was very happy with the children he kidnapped, until the Lucky Seven interrupted. The Lucky Seven tell Vikram that he never thought of the people who wished good for him. Vikram says that he will continue to punish people. He says that he only loves his mother. Ashutosh asks what will happen to his son Siddhart. Vikram says that Siddhart will live for the sake of the Joker. Vikram asks his mother to come along with him but Vikram’s mother tells him that she is ashamed of him not because he is short, but because he is a bad person. Vikram is shattered, and tells his mother that he cannot bear her hatred. Vikram tells the Lucky Seven that he will spare Siddhart and requests them to tell their children that Vikram was a good man and not a villain. Saying this, Vikram’s spirit leaves Siddhart’s body
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