Fairy Tail – Main Theme (Slow Version) Piano Tutorial

www.piano-tuts.net Hey guys, exams are over and now it’s time for a new tutorial. This on is very beautiful and not very difficult. Of course it has it’s own share of difficult parts, but you should be fine with them once you practice.


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  1. PDownloader90 says:

    What piano software did you use? That was cool…. Can you please tell me…

  2. alexito303 says:

    Amo esa cancion!!!
    I Love This Song!!
    Me dan ganas de llorarT_T

  3. froscik69 says:

    Amazing. Just amazing.

  4. james16385 says:

    ive always been asking whos the main character natsu or lucy because they keep going back and forth

  5. blzrnaruto says:

    OMG I WUV U DAN20071!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs* UR AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE FAIRY TAIL FTWWWWWWWWWWW– *SHOT DOWN* XD I can die happy~~~

  6. MusicSWE1337 says:

    Where do I get the chords?

  7. SuperArmand96 says:

    thank you :)

  8. killforfunandmoney69 says:

    Oh man, thanks a bunch! I have really benefitted from your videos since I don’t know how to play the piano. But because of you, I can play some of the songs I’ve always wanted to learn how to play! Now all that I ask is that you make a tutorial of the regular, fast-paced song.

  9. ultimatevongola1 says:

    why dont you use synthesia? i can’t master the music

  10. cupcakexcake says:

    Do you play an electric piano or a normal piano?

  11. Manfat20009 says:

    Omg this is Soooooo awsomme :D

  12. toodorik12 says:

    what program shud i use to play a piano song on computer :D DDDDD…..i dont have a piano but i wud like to try on computer

  13. TheGatogirll says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for the tutorial :) This is such a beautiful song and I’m going to learn how to play it right now. But I was wondering… How long does it take you to make one of these tutorials?

  14. ClassicNFX says:

    i’ve tried using tutorials that show the person actually playing but they never work for me. All of your tutorials work for me and are the only ones I use. I say thank you and keep up the great tutorials!

  15. ranmacwy says:

    can u send me this midi file pls?

  16. Kinggrass66 says:

    I’m glad that someone deals with anime music.

  17. animelovergurlopzv says:

    @TheRealDeal1515 not necessarily. ~ 3 ~ not unless all u want is a single person cuz the two main character’s got huge racks so if u’re gonna get a pix then i think it’ll b mainly smexy guys. XD

  18. TheRealDeal1515 says:

    @animelovergurlopzv Oh, so apparently, it’s impossible to find one Fairy Tale picture that doesn’t have huge tits in it . . . really?

  19. animelovergurlopzv says:

    thanks again dan! XD u made this fairy tail fan extremely happy. i’m going to learn this as soon as possible. XD

  20. animelovergurlopzv says:

    @TheRealDeal1515 i don’t think that’s possible since she’s a main character anyways. -___-

  21. MizLuvOranges says:

    @dan20071 eeeeee thank youu :D

  22. MsAnimelover92 says:

    OMG! I can finally learn this on piano! one of my favorite piano piece! I’m soo happy!

  23. seon1239 says:

    omfg !!
    finally haha frenken nice cover dude

  24. TheRealDeal1515 says:

    Next time, can you please put a picture that doesn’t have a girl with huge boobs in it? It’s very distracting . . .

  25. dan20071 says:

    @Kimmipwn665 Thank you :)

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