Lord Of The Rings – Concerning Hobbits Piano Tutorial

www.piano-tuts.net Here’s a very popular song that was requested long ago. If you’re a fan of the LOTR trilogy then this is a must learn for you.


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  1. xXprestige15 says:

    I love you

  2. thedancegroupstudio1 says:

    @animefinalfantasyix hobbits are so small and adorable :D !

  3. animefinalfantasyix says:

    Hobbits are awesome, because they dont need shoes! XD
    im playing this song on the flute! XD

  4. Filip6124 says:

    fucking hard…

  5. simonmitchellbird says:

    hey i worked out the chords for the first little section, if it helps anyone.
    D…. G D A
    D… G Bm A
    D… A Bm Bm(with g bass note) A
    D G A Bm G A
    Bm A D E F#

  6. simonmitchellbird says:

    hey i worked out the chords for the first little section, if it helps anyone.
    D…. G D A
    D… G Bm A
    D… A Bm Bm(with d bass note) A
    D G A Bm G A
    Bm A D E F#

  7. supersoccerfreak34 says:

    dan20071.. you just made my entire year!

  8. luukluuk34 says:

    can u give me sheet music??

  9. mollysangelique says:


  10. nhclassics says:

    @dan20071 Kudos to you for making these when your so busy ;)

  11. ichigo3031 says:


  12. dan20071 says:

    @nhclassics No, sadly in this past year I didn’t have time for piano much since I’m working and also going to college. So for most of the tutorials I just tweak midi files, check the sheet music to make sure they’re correct and then make the video.

  13. nhclassics says:

    @dan20071 can you play all the songs that you make tutorials on, which you probably do since you end up making most of them,

  14. OurCrimson says:

    @TtotheJD learn one hand at a time. that’s what I do so it’s not so overwhelming

  15. TtotheJD says:

    How the heck can u guys concentrate on both hands? How do u learn this haha helpppp

  16. hollister1213456789 says:

    i really like your tutorials, they teach me alot. even though i have only learned up to 0:40 but its okay im still learning and i’ve never had any piano lessons im teaching myself and im 13 lol but thank you 5*****

  17. Marig00o says:

    dan, Iv’e seen all your tuts and was wondering if you could make a tutorial from one or some of the Silver Fang soundtracks? It would meen aloot to me:)

  18. ilovekyokyoxD says:

    @dan20071 can u pretty please make a tutorial for the song “serenade” from fruits basket =) please

  19. Izugart says:

    Help me please ^^ my hand is to small to grab 10 keys D: -> 3:11

  20. TheEmilySnape says:

    I’ve noticed you do a lot of anime music, which i’m not really into except Inuyasha. I was wondering if you could do “Buckbeak’s Flight” by John Williams? I’ve seen one tutorial…but they dont slow it down at all and the added more than there is to it. Thanks :)

  21. TheGiantofnyc says:

    at first I was like this song doesnt look to hard, but when it got to :42 I was like nevermind

  22. MagicSurprice says:

    You’re really awesome dude! I love all of your tutorials! :D

  23. RWtrenes says:

    Absolutly amazing, just incredible, exciting… (I sound stupid but i can’t say nothing more…Thank you for this incredible tutorial) :D

  24. KageKonohagakure says:

    This bring back memories for me…Lord of the Rings is one of the only books that makes me long for a forgotten era and feel sad.

  25. PolishPixie says:

    hey i really love this tutorial but is there a way i can see the notes (the letters) it would help out a lot. concerning hobbits is probably my favourite piece of music from lord of the rings. thanks

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