Lys Agnes – “Bring Me To Life” (BEST PERFORMANCE? – Review) – America’s Got Talent 8/24/11 Recap

America’s Got Talent Review – Season 6, Episode 23, August 23rd, 2011. (8/23/11) Lys Agnes singing “Bring Me To Life” was the featured performance tonight, but West Springfield Dance Team was my favorite. (America’s Got Talent’s first SEMI FINAL episode this season) Zuma Zuma – The acrobatic troupe executed precarious leaps over fire, a member balancing on a stack of chairs, and an impressive human pyramid finale. While talented, their performance lacked the energy from previous nights. Beth Ann Robinson – 14 year old Beth Ann really impressed me tonight, showcasing her skill that is beyond her years. Great dancing, I loved it. Sandou Trio Russian Bar – Instead of using a Russian bar, as their name described, the trio chose to have the woman play piano and sing upside down (not very well, too) while the guys basically did nothing. What a train wreck. Kevin Colis – Looking very nervous as he sang “Rhythm of Love”, Kevin was told that he looked like a member of “The Wiggles” because of how cheesy he was. Matt Wilhelm – Infusing a theme of childhood bullying into his performance, he seemed do be doing more of the same from his previous act. Matt did it very, very well, but he didn’t exactly shake things up. PopLyfe – The young band described their song choice, The Beatles’ “Come Together”, as high risk, but it paid off. The unique set design also gave each band member a purpose tonight. West Springfield Dance Team – Demonstrating a post-apocalyptic routine, WSDT executed
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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