Still Alive TUTORIAL Portal Theme on Piano (Easy Version)

MJ battles through an epic case of hayfever teaching how to play the theme from Portal on piano/keyboard. I made some manuscript at long last! Here’s a link! www.glavenopolis.com CHORD LIST FIRST SECTION D maj (ADF#) B maj (BDF#) A maj (AC#E) CHORUS F (FAC) C (CEG) Bb BbDF) F (FAC) Do this twice. Then start this section. Bb maj (BbDF) C maj (CEG) F maj (FAC) D min (DFA) Bb maj (BbDF) A maj (AC#E) Then back to the start. Rinse and repeat.


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  1. tibbert1234 says:

    Searching a different one. Can’t see shit, and you hands are covering the keys. Next time record with lights on. Don’t be afraid to show your spots.

  2. Kmankch says:

    I’m in space.

  3. Ashda8 says:

    Since these comments seem to be people wishing.
    I wish my left hand was better at piano,
    My right hands fine with almost anything.
    Which is weird because I’m actually left handed at everything else.

  4. 13cheesus14 says:

    Dam i wish this was easier to understand ._.

  5. hazman232 says:

    damn i wish my hands were bigger

  6. Filatuss says:

    THANK YOU Glavenopolis, for this tutorial! his is the best ever!!! i was crying after i made it happend on the keyboard……..seriously i cryed! :D i will subscribe for you! :D

  7. KaiStarkk says:

    What part of Australia are you from… sounds either eastern states or western wheat belt influenced

  8. Glavenopolis says:

    @deathwoulf At the end of the game before killing Glados you can ‘cheat’ on the ps3 and exit the entire building and get outside, through to a room full of orbs and a cake.

  9. deathwoulf says:

    pause it at exactly 5:36 .i dont get it…

  10. SrSoAd says:

    @Glavenopolis >Tomorrow
    > 9 months ago
    > Not Found

    The requested URL /manuscript.asp was not found on this server.

  11. PetiteAristocrat says:

    I am going to try this, this weekend! The hardest part is concentrating on hitting completely different patterns with the left hand as apposed to the right… Makes me frustrated T.T Piano is hard x.x;

  12. XOIIOXOIIO says:

    Damn! I got the left and right hand, but the timing in this song is the hardest I’ve had to deal with.

    Great tutorial BTW

  13. XOIIOXOIIO says:

    @Ma5terjediporta It’s an english accent, and grow up.

  14. yoyoskater902 says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  15. hugstabubble says:

    thank you so much, I’ve never know how to do the left hand part.

  16. deathwoulf says:

    when i tried to play this,my hands said “NO!”

  17. Ma5terjediporta says:

    is she australian ? woah i bet shes hawt. nice =) i bang you now.

  18. GamerScream says:

    @Knuxallen thats what she said.

  19. Knuxallen says:


  20. MeLoves2Sing says:

    @BeAnErRiCaN16 it is a woman he is just retarded

  21. MeLoves2Sing says:

    @powxpurplexx its a girl LOL

  22. MeLoves2Sing says:

    uuhhm the song is Still Alive and its for the game Portal.

  23. NeoGaMeXprt says:

    how about the ending?

  24. crewealexboy says:

    play a bit of it but i cant get my hands in sync lol

  25. Ludicrey says:

    you sound like a nice lady :3

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