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Mass Effect Music Mix Of Legend

“This war has brought you here today. The next few hours will decide the fate of everyone in the galaxy. There will be no second chances, and no room for mistakes. One way or another this war ends today.” – Commander Shepard This mix brings you the very best songs from Mass Effect I,…


How To – Logic Pro 9 Vinyl/Tape Slowdown Effect – Music Production Tutorial

IntoMusic.ca Record, Produce, Mix, Master… Be Heard. This is the first in a series of Audio Production tutorials from intomusic.ca – a leading edge audio production training facility. In This Video: APPLE LOGIC PRO 9 – How To Create a Vinyl Record/Tape Slowdown Effect in Logic 9. You’ve heard the great sounding effect in a …

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Ableton Live Tips #7: Vocal Effect Techniques (Radiohead, Nosaj Thing)

Read more: bit.ly In this week’s Ableton Live tutorial, Professor Nalepa demonstrates three (3) effect techniques for spicing up your vocals. Inspired by the field trip his Advanced Tech class took this week to Low End Theory to catch a secret DJ set by Thom Yorke, he uses the lead vocal of Radiohead ‘Reckoner’ to …

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Avicii “ID” – “Pitch Bend/Scratch/Track Stop Effect” Tutorial FL Studio!!

Based on comments, the plugin “dub glitch” seems to be the easiest/best/fastest way to do this! But I have always found that I learn more about the production process by actually learning to make effects myself Avicii “ID” Tutorial: www.youtube.com Avicii /Swedish House Piano Tutorial: www.youtube.com Other Original Mixes, Downloads, Remixes, Mashups: soundcloud.com www.facebook.com Enjoy!Video …

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Mass Effect 3 soundtrack – An End Once and For All – Piano

And End Once and For All from the game score Mass Effect 3. Composed by Clint Mansell and Sam Hulick. Arranged by Cunarder28. This video is dedicated to my brother as he is a huge Mass Effect fan. It was funny to see if you asked him when the next Mass Effect game was going …

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Mass Effect 3 – Gameplay Demo Walkthrough

If you want to buy Mass Effect 3: amzn.to The live gameplay demonstration of Mass Effect 3 at E3 2011 for the Playstation 3, XBOX 360, and PC. Look for our Mass Effect 3 walkthrough and review closer to release. Hope you enjoy. Please rate and subscribe. Developer: Bioware Publisher: Electronic ArtsVideo Rating: 4 / …

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James Burke : Connections, Episode 1, “The Trigger Effect”, 1 of 5 (CC)

Watch Entire Show: www.youtube.com More Shows: www.youtube.com Episode 1 of James Burke’s most well-known series “Connections” which explores the surprising and unexpected ways that our modern technological world came into existence. Each episode investigates the background of usually one particular modern invention and how it came into being. These explorations are an attempt to locate …

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Beautiful Minds The Einstein Effect 1/5

Synopsis A fascinating look at the relationship between genius and autism, with particular focus on the phenomenon of savants; a small group of enigmatic talents with extraordinary mental abilities. Savants number less than 100 worldwide. Some can work out five-digit multiplication in their heads, or recite thousands of books by heart. Others can play a …

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