TUTORIAL UPDATE Johan Blohms Boogie Woogie

This is my final tutorial of how to play Johan Blohms “Awesome” Boogie Woogie. Last week I also uploaded an update but that version was missing a part. So here is the whole thing. All riffs are as I playing them at my jumble sale video. It is quite impossible for me to play the whole thing in slowmotion with both hands. But I did play the intro with both hands. The left-hand is like the left hand at 1:04 in youtube vid: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg-UVbP4iOU&feature=Pl ayList&p=94466B2E37C8FD91&play next=1&playnext_from=PL&index= 7 In this pattern Johan Blohm hits the black notes harder so the left hand has a nice rhythm bass. Also during his boogie, he sometimes plays a left hand like this: CC? (Eb+A) C (E+G) C (Eb+A) (E+G) instead of: CC (Eb+A) C (E+G) C (F+A) (E+G) Unlike most boogie songs, he improvises the left hand too. All there’s left to do for me is to buy a good piano which has some serious bass in it. My Roland rp101 is just a good piano for beginners. I’m looking forward to buy the Roland lx-10, because this song sound excellent on that piano. But that piano is like 4 times the price of my rp101 ;-) I don’t have any sheet music, I learned it all by ear. If you have any questions or so, please don’t hesitate sending me a message! I hope you’ll enjoy playing it as I do everytime! Boogie ‘on!!! Marc van Beest


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  1. oldrockandrollero says:

    really great, ill try to learn it. Thanks for sharing

  2. marcvanbeest says:

    @TJPatzo You’re welcome!

  3. TJPatzo says:

    You rock dude! Thank you so much

  4. marcvanbeest says:

    @MichaDuck You’re welcome! Boogie ‘on!

  5. MichaDuck says:

    Thanks for the Tutorial! Now, I can play Johan Blohms Boogie Woogie too!

  6. MichaDuck says:

    Thanks for the Tutorial! Now, I can play Johan Blohms Boogie Woogie too!

  7. TheJingerr says:

    Georgeous man! You my hero =)
    I want to play it too.. It seems to be really hard for me.
    But its great melody! Thanks

  8. marcvanbeest says:

    @sadsack987 No problem! I’m glad you liked it!
    Enjoy the rest of my vids as well!


  9. sadsack987 says:

    It’s always great to see the intervals played while we listen. Great learning tool. Again- terrific job. Much thanks for your efforts.

  10. marcvanbeest says:

    @Metigooh I didn’t buy the scores, because there are no scores. I learned and practised the piece by ear.


  11. Metigooh says:

    where you bought the scores of this boogie?
    Johan Blohm is awesome,you too

  12. marcvanbeest says:

    I don’t think I have any tips. I think it’s just a lot of practise and you need to listen to the original song A LOT!


  13. spastic114 says:

    omg i cant seem to match the right hand and left hand together !!!! any tips?

  14. makkara180 says:

    Jou can’t find any sheet music form this song :(

  15. ghanaru says:

    3 months delayed dude..

  16. marcvanbeest says:

    No problem!


  17. AD88keys says:

    This is amazing!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. I have a chance of playing this now thanks to you…..

  18. marcvanbeest says:

    OK! I’m curious about the sound the piano will produce. On all electric piano’s I’ve been playing on in music-stores I like the Roland LX-10 the most.


  19. donpedro1989 says:

    Good to know, just bought Roland fp7 the sound should be an upgrade!

  20. marcvanbeest says:

    I don’t use any sustain pedal during the song. I have no idea if I play the notes harder with my right hand. It depends on the piano. On a real piano I don’t have to hit the high notes very hard, but on my electric piano somehow a bit harder.


  21. donpedro1989 says:

    I mean video ^^

  22. donpedro1989 says:

    Hi Marc!

    Im working on sending u a tutorial just not yet. Do you use any sustain pedal except in the beginning? Im using a little bit all through the song otherwise it doesnt sound good at all. You can here a short gap sometimes if i don’t use it. Still struggling with perfectionizing right hand while playing with left. Also, do u play the notes harder with the right hand? I seem to play just the same with both, so right hand notes fade away because of strong deep left base

    Thx in advance :)

  23. marcvanbeest says:

    Hi donpedro1989/PeterH89,
    I’m glad to hear that you are making progress! A tip is to watch Johan’s version A LOT ! And try playing with him on your piano while he is playing on youtube!

    I’m looking forward to give you some feedback!


  24. donpedro1989 says:

    This is My other youtube acc, it’s PeterH89 as the first post on this one :)

  25. donpedro1989 says:

    Hey Marc, im done with the right hand part, can play it at full speed and just started with the left. I havent been playing piano for very long so i have trouble playing left and right hand together at different speed. Any tips on how to get a grip of it? Ill send you a video later and it would be nice if you could give me some feedback! /Peter

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