TUTORIAL UPDATE Johan Blohms Boogie Woogie

This is my final tutorial of how to play Johan Blohms “Awesome” Boogie Woogie. Last week I also uploaded an update but that version was missing a part. So here is the whole thing. All riffs are as I playing them at my jumble sale video. It is quite impossible for me to play the whole thing in slowmotion with both hands. But I did play the intro with both hands. The left-hand is like the left hand at 1:04 in youtube vid: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg-UVbP4iOU&feature=Pl ayList&p=94466B2E37C8FD91&play next=1&playnext_from=PL&index= 7 In this pattern Johan Blohm hits the black notes harder so the left hand has a nice rhythm bass. Also during his boogie, he sometimes plays a left hand like this: CC? (Eb+A) C (E+G) C (Eb+A) (E+G) instead of: CC (Eb+A) C (E+G) C (F+A) (E+G) Unlike most boogie songs, he improvises the left hand too. All there’s left to do for me is to buy a good piano which has some serious bass in it. My Roland rp101 is just a good piano for beginners. I’m looking forward to buy the Roland lx-10, because this song sound excellent on that piano. But that piano is like 4 times the price of my rp101 ;-) I don’t have any sheet music, I learned it all by ear. If you have any questions or so, please don’t hesitate sending me a message! I hope you’ll enjoy playing it as I do everytime! Boogie ‘on!!! Marc van Beest

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